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Voice Search and It’s Impact

Know this: according to Forbes one in every five searches made with the Google Android App in the United States is a voice search.

Because voice-based search queries can be drastically different than typed queries, businesses will need to tailor their optimization efforts toward longer queries that fit with voice search terms, as opposed to shorter keywords that were common with traditional search.

Search is moving beyond typing into a white box to bringing Google to wherever you are — desktop, walking around your home, using your phone. Your voice is the new search tool.

We can now write copy that is conversational, simple and contextual that our users can understand. Voice-activated search combined with machine learning and natural language processing will also be augmented by contextual information about users, including their locations, style and past behavior.

As consumers use voice search with increasing frequency, the businesses that pay attention to customer conversations will win. In addition, a voice search world will favor marketers who are able to connect their websites with their local presence and provide search engines with as much information as possible using structured data.

Pretty soon, you’ll likely find consumers making queries like “Okay Google! There was a hail storm yesterday, who do I call?”

Start preparing now so your company is the one that gets the business.

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