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Doing the Digital Media Marketing Thing

Just as there’s been a shift from traditional brick-and-mortar selling to ecommerce, there’s been a shift in traditional marketing methods to digital marketing. For actual numbers on what is happening on social media outlets today, please check our previous article.

And to crazy you further: too much digital marketing makes consumers mad and not enough digital marketing and they fail to notice you according to media watchers. What to do, what to do??

An expert curator of all things digital has created some tips and tools to seriously consider before you give up entirely on this new world of marketing. According to by Kate Denison-Grimes in Business Tools and Resources, there are meaningful ways to start putting this together for your business. Below is a summary of her ideas:

 Enhance Your Clout

Harness the power of social to establish yourself as a trustworthy brand. Putting together a consistent and cohesive social media presence across platforms builds trust with potential clients.

  • Implement consistent page branding
    • Go check your profile images on your social accounts. Are any of them fuzzy?
    • If you don’t have crisp, properly sized images on your social accounts, what do you think potential clients are going to assume about the quality of your work? Think of your social media profiles as a first impression.
    • You’ll also want to ensure you’re using consistent branding assets across channels, because consistency means reliability in the eyes of a potential client.
    • Consistency means reliability in the eyes of a potential client.
  • Craft your company profile descriptions carefully
    • Do not underestimate the importance of the profile section of your account. In any kind of account description or bio, you’ll want to quickly and accurately describe who you are and what you do.
    • Some social platforms have larger character limits, meaning that your account’s description may be longer or more detailed. But in general, your descriptions should be similar across the board.
  • Display reviews
    • Imagine you’re downtown looking for a place to eat lunch, and you’re trying to decide between two restaurants. You notice that one restaurant looks busy and has quite a few people sitting outside, and the other restaurant looks empty. Which are you more likely to choose?
    • Many would assume that the busy restaurant must have great food and the other restaurant probably doesn’t. Although this might not actually be the reality, social proof has immense influence over consumer decisions.
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Follow Your Target Community

Be active on social to tap into communities of industry experts, share advice, and connect with clients. Taking the time to listen to and engage with your community will provide you with insight, and help you establish customer relationships.

  • Use social media listening tools
    • Listen in on conversations. Use social media as a way to keep up with what your competition is doing and become more in tune with your clients.
    • One great way of doing this is creating Twitter lists or following relevant hashtags. You can create lists of competitors, accounts you draw inspiration from, or your most valued clients to see what they’re up to and what they’re currently interested in.
  • Get involved in groups
    • Identify niche groups online and join them. Even if you’re not very active in them, you can still check in to keep informed and learn from your peers. But, engaging in group conversations will only add value to being a part of the group.
    • The more you share and support your peers, the more they will be willing to do the same for you.

Content Is Still King!

Establish a social presence to showcase your brand through content. Post content that’s informative, portrays your brand’s personality, and your company’s capabilities.

  • Share work samples
    • Let the online world know and post examples of client work that showcase your range of skills and abilities.
  • .Get creative with your content
    • Use custom graphics, motion graphics, and video to draw attention to your accounts and encourage people to engage with your content.
  • Tag in third party content
    • Share interesting articles with others by tagging them.Giving shoutouts and tagging companies in third party content gets more eyes on the post you’re sharing, and can translate into more people checking out your account..


Use social media as a way to increase your online conversions. Create social media content that links back to your SEO-rich pages, to increase the number of leads you receive.

  • Invest in social media ads
    • Ad spend on social media is on pace to outgrow TV ad spend for the first time ever, and is expected to reach $35.98 billion globally in 2017.
    • Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the process for setting up ads on these platforms is streamlined, making it easier for you to you decide if you want to use ads on both platforms. Setting up an ad is user-friendly and Facebook provides lots of resources to help you create the most effective ads possible.
  • Drive traffic by sharing original content
    • One of the most effective ways to drive organic traffic to your website and generate leads is to create and share original content that’s indexed on your website. One way to do this is to start blogging.
    • Also remember U-Tube is the world’s second largest search engine? Creating original video content that’s optimized for SEO is also a great opportunity to rank in YouTube searches.

Be creative!

For example: contests can be used as a fun way to give back to your following, and to get people to engage with your brand. Contest formats could include:

  • A “like to win contest” — A winner who likes a particular post is randomly selected.
  • A “comment contest” — A winner is selected at random from those who comment (eg. “comment your favorite design tool for a chance to win *insert prize*”).

This article is excepted from and outstanding blog written by Kate Denison-Grimes on Business Tools and Resources. You would be well-served to follow her for more great information.

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