Blog, Baby, Blog!

Spoke with Andy from Accuprint recently.  He expressed concern regarding what he could do to further attract website visitors.

Now that his website is a perfect vehicle to meet his marketing goals, how might he to get more people to stop by the site and become customers?

Blogging (circa yesterday)

That may be the number one dilemma facing small businesses today.

Just a short time ago, we set up websites to certain criteria, ensuring key words, metatags, descriptions were in place and then let the visitors flood the gates. I long for the simplicity of 2014.

Back in those days of yore, searchers looking for Andy, a local printer, would go to their computer and type: “Printer Mt. Pleasant SC.” Up would pop his website within the first two pages.

But today, that same type of consumer may be speeding down a highway and call out to his devise which may be located on his steering wheel, pocket or umbrella handle, who knows?

He shouts to the air: “Are there printers in Mt Pleasant? Find one close to where I am now. And give me the directions. No, no, call their number. Hurry!”

How the heck do the search engines respond to that? Google quickly ciphers through the words and may even judge the callers unspoken intent of urgency, then searches for key words, postings on social media, blogs, references and ratings. Before the caller can blink, Google lists possible options and can even make a call to Andy or give driving directions to his store.

Wow. Hulloh new world.

So what does Andy do to get on the top of the list of options?

Andy, hear me: A simple start is to blog.

Blogging is one of the most-used and effective content marketing tools at your disposal. Simply put, if you’re not blogging, you’re leaving money on the table.

Here’s some stats for you:

Bite the bullet. Blog, Andy, Blog!

(blog what, where, when and how? Stay tuned. Follow MY blogs. Answers will abound here on this website)