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What is Gutenberg and how frightened should I be?

At this point, all of us should be aware how fast technology changes and not be surprised when a big techno-event happens.

To see how far you have come in your ability to adapt, check your smartphone skills. Would you have thought a mere five years ago you would be routinely accessing and mastering the functions on that device? Heck no.
So hold on to your seat and your optimism, here comes Gutenberg!

Due to be released in April -May of 2018, it will be part of the WordPress 5.0 upgrade and cost you nothing but a learning curve and a few missing hairs,

Basically, it changes the WP administrative interface and offers certain built-in tools that are, frankly long overdue in the WP platform. Currently, WP web designers have availed themselves of third party “plug-ins” to fill in the gaps of the basic WP platform, and have jerry-rigged some impressive solutions. But that creativity may be problematic with the new WP 5.0.

The good news is that a lot of those added in features and plugins will be part of the new platform. The bad news is it is unknown how compatible the new releases of WP 5.0 will be with existing websites. The hope is that it will be a flawless integration and end users will not notice any issues.

But in reality there are sure to be some conflicts and issues in current websites due those WP add-on plug ins. Expect a period of readjustment and some manual intervention while Gutenberg and your website learn to live together.

What You Need to Know!

Before upgrading to WordPress 5.0  keep the following in mind:

  • It’s better to test with the Gutenberg plugin first.
  • Upgrading to 5.0 is irreversible. Make backups first!
  • 5.0 may break themes and plugins.
  • 5.0 will change the way themes and plugins are used.
  • 5.0 is not the editor you are used to. It’s going to be a tough change.
  • In 5.0 blocks will replace everything (even widgets).
  • It may be best to wait a few months after 5.0 is released before upgrading.

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