Customer Service Fiasco

I received an interesting large postcard in my mailbox – the one that sits lonely and desolately at the driveway end. And I read the appealing message because I was hungry and it presented some good looking freshly prepared dinners that would come to me, come to ME! The meals looked tempting, the service irresistible and the coupon sealed the deal. I contacted them immediately and arranged to start their service immediately.


To my delight the meals arrived the following week as promised, and to my extreme surprise were easy to assemble, as fresh as they promised and bonus! They were delicious! Really, really good restaurant quality. Happy me, who hates to cook and loves to eat.

They sent me a reminder to order my next week’s menu and lo! The following week’s order was even better!

So now, I factored in the cost of service to my food budget, made some adjustments in my grocery shopping and found it was not only efficient and delicious, but cost-effective as well.

What could go wrong? THIS:

  1. I logged in to select my next menu and my password did not work. Tried it a few times, grumbling and hating passwords. Checked it three times and finally requested a new password. No response to my request. Tried again. No response.
  2. Getting annoyed, I switched to a different browser. Same lack of results.
  3. So I went to their website and after much looking around (grumble, grumble), I uncovered a customer service email. I wrote them a note requesting a password reset. No response.
  4. So I wait a day and try again, same procedures, no response. This time I uncover a well disguised phone number, yay! Left a message (what a surprise, no human) explaining I needed a password reset. No follow-up from them.
  5. Now on day three of trying to select my next week’s menu and, remember, I get grouchy when I get hungry. I get a reminder notice from a company rep named Errol that I must go online (link provided) and order immediately or (horrors!) I will receive their default selection. So okay, I follow the link and it is dead. After days of trying, I still cannot make a connection to my account. But at least now I can reply directly to the Customer Service guy, Errol, and explain my technical issue. Yay?
  6. I get an email back immediately signed by Errol, apologizing for any inconvenience and suggesting that because technology can be daunting, I try again. Now, I feel the rage raising. I reply I have tried many times, I am undaunted by technology and please, Errol, allow me a way to reset my password.
  7. He apologizes profusely again and sends me another non-working link.
  8. I send him a print screen image of the frozen link and tell him if I cannot login I cannot continue the service. He responds that he will notify their tech support and they will try to fix it in the next 24 hours. I am tired of this run-around and start thinking things like if they can’t reset a password, how is their kitchen run and visions of many-legged critters fill my head.
  9. I reply that never mind, how about just cancel my account. Errol promptly cancels my account. Ironically, he suggests if ever I need help to contact Customer Support. After five emails, three days of fruitlessly contacting them, they have worn me down and out.

So I am no longer a customer. Errol is probably very happy in Cyberville, Somewhere. And the company, after spending an awful lot of money recruiting me as customer, providing excellent quality products, lost me because their technical support could not, would not reset a password.

Is there a modern-day business story here?