IoT on Steroids

2019’s IoT makes the IoT of 2018 look like the Wright’s bi-plane. Or Ford’s Model T.

“Internet of Things” is in the next stage of the information revolution. It is now being applied in the internet connectivity of everything from urban transport to medical devices to household appliances.  Unlike last year’s model capability, the 2019 version of Advanced IoT System  provides advance actuation capabilities (e.g., smart parking and intelligent shopping systems, etc.).

But wait! There is more!

How Advanced IoT Systems Work

Simply stated, as soon as devices became connected to the internet, data transfer was available to each machine. But that was 2018 and most of the data was only available at an individual system level and accessible to a few individuals in an organization. Thus, the vast amount of data available had never been fully utilized. It was there, but not easy to get one’s hands around to utilize the info or perhaps even understand its potential use.

With Generation II of  IoT, the whole data world has expanded exponentially! Read: EXPLODED!

Today,  all business, research, educational systems are are already connected to the internet and the data is available in real-time. Now everyone with internet access from shop floor to boardroom has access to same “Real” time data to help make informed decisions. Note emphasis on informed.

What is this data?

Properly curated, this data will inform as follows:

  • Descriptive (What happened)
  • Diagnostic (Why it happened)
  • Analysis (Understand behavioral patterns)
  • Predictive (What will happen)
  • Prescriptive (What actions to take)

Now institutions and businesses no longer need to rely on manually gathering information to make crucial decisions for their enterprise. Now all have access to the entire data-set, real-time with technology allowing a deep dive into analytics to  make accurate, timely decision based on facts, not speculation! Now – in real-time –  the data coming in from all of vastly different sources is available for compilation.

Industry is now faced with the exciting, and perhaps moral, challenge of how and what data to harness, and how to implement the available technology.

What can we expert to see soon?
  • Intelligent Shopping System: enables tracking a particular pattern of customer by just accessing their mobile phones, and based on previous purchases, suggesting similar products to buy, locations of item, pricing, product reviews – and access to purchasing online on the spot. All without the user planning in advance the actual purchase. All of it suggestive, without their active participation.
  • Home Appliance data: from predicting or announcing mechanical failures, who to contact and arranging repair to refrigerators sending needed grocery items directly to the smartphone. Which of course can be purchased automatically.
  • Even more applications can apply to energy resources, heat, electricity and energy management to manage usage of individuals and communities based on available resources.
  • Need I even mention  transportation systems, including cruise-assisted public and private transportation systems and the value of traffic planning based on predictive patterns.
Well, it is far too late to be frightened. But it’s NEVER too late to get informed. For more information on Iot in general or better yet, receive training in this technology, visit