Back it up!

Build your website and then you are done. Right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Think of it this way, your reliable car starts to act weird and make scary noises. What are your options? Fix it, replace it, drive it till it dies?

But what if you could restore it to the way it was six months ago. Before it got puny. In five minutes! Hey, what a concept!

Picture your website. It has started having performance issues for a myriad of reasons: hacking is one, but you could have uploaded a corrupt file or done something else inadvertently harmful. Well good news! Restore it instantly with your backup version. Oh. Don’t have a backup? Sorry.

A WordPress backup solution is your way to restore your website to its former unhacked glory in just minutes.

The sad truth is that we most of us do not think about this simple preventative measure. Or we think about it and then feel overwhelmed by the technical aspects of backing it up…backup to where? How would I restore it? I will think about it tomorrow, Scarlett.

Don’t learn your lesson the hard way! Be smart, and get into the habit of backing up your website from the very beginning.

If you are still one of those people, who think “It’s ok I don’t need a backup, who would want to hack my website?!” hopefully after reading this you will think again about getting yourself a backup solution, otherwise we can only assume you don’t value your website enough.

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