5 Best Ways to Fall on Your Butt as an On-line Entrepreneur

As a Certified Shopify Expert for the past five years, I receive many requests for assistance from new shop owners daily. These range from complete store builds to marketing assistance and content writing.

In fact, I have processed over 120 requests in the past 3 months. I am amazed at the ingenuity of the new entrepreneurs and the range of products and services they offer. Some are brilliant, some not so much.

The common factor in all these fledgling business owners is their earnest attempt at making a splash online. And I enjoy helping each and everyone. But sometimes my astute advice falls on deaf ears. Huh!

I try to present helpful ideas and they would be very good ideas. But apparently that is boring and time consuming.

You know I HATE being bored, right?

So in the interest of saving time (mine, really), instead I want to tell budding entrepreneurs exactly how to fail. This, to me, is far more interesting, and ultimately can save some time and money for those doomed in advance. So here we go.

5 Best Ways to Fall on Your Butt as an on-line Entrepreneur

Oh Dear God…
  1. Do NOT have a detailed business or marketing plan.
    • Go with Your Gut! After all, how many times has Your Gut been wrong? Oh. Well, that wasn’t Your Gut’s fault then, was it? How were you to know that car you bought from a sweet little ole lady had an odometer transfusion?
    • So, let’s give The Gut another chance to break your heart. All Your Gut needs to know is that your friends at the bar think you are brilliant, no one ever heard of this and the market for it is in the billions. GREAT! Left’s make a business!
    • Furthermore, detailed business plans are boring to write and you don’t have time to waste cuz you don’t wanna miss this opportunity.
    • Did Bill Gates have a detailed plan? No, he did not. He just threw together some crazy-ass ideas and boom! Look at him now. Retired! And Rich. You are better looking than him and your friends are more fun. He did it; you can do it.
  2. Absolutely do NO research!
    • Research is for nerds. All you need to know is there is a market out there (Your Gut knows) longing for you to come along with your charisma and great idea.
    • Research may call Your Gut a moron, and God knows you have heard that enough times in the past, and don’t want to hear not one more time!
    • What the heck can research show you that Your Gut can’t? Market potential? Possible buyer potential? Where, how, when and why this idea is good, bad or really a big suck? Who needs to be bogged down by petty details?
  3. Jump in fast with all your feets!
    • One, two, three feet, doesn’t matter. Add an arm, and a chin, might as well.  Let’s go all in. Immediately build a store that your girlfriend thinks is cute. Quit your day job.
    • Don’t worry about little details like shipping or inventory, customers are forgiving.
    • Price your products according to what Your Gut tells you.
  4. Let’s do this with Zero Money!
    • For free, yes! Take a free trial of a Shopify store. Figure out how to set it up. Boom, done, ready to take that wheelbarrow of money to the bank.
    • Certainly, you don’t need money for marketing. Everyone knows you just post on social media and going viral is a sure thing. Or send out a bunch of emails to everyone you used to know.
    • Better yet, post on Linked In. That’s the ticket. Get your roommate to create an awesome video with cool music. Yeah, for free. Post it somewhere, Justin Bieber.
  5. Give up fast
    • How much time does this business need to make you rich? You started at Christmas in time for Valentine’s Day and so far nuthin in sales. That should have been long enough.
    • Everybody told you to take the job in your uncle’s company. Maybe they are right.
    • This is lonely work.
    • I’d rather have some else tell me what to do.
    • I’m hungry.
Seriously. Let’s do this right.