Hot or Not?

Social Media meet 2022!

If you think you know a lot about how to market via Social Media in 2022, well, think again. The trends that were so trendy entering 2021 are now history. Here is what we must look at now.

As suspected, TikTok is now the leading player in social media due to its video, fast messaging and witty presentations.

Data shows that as of late 2021,  TikTok users on Android devices now spend more time each month watching content than YouTube users. In fact, TikToc has surpassed all the others to becomes the top marketing channel in social media.

Not your daddy’s social media!

With data like that — and all the growing social media video platforms out there — it’s become obvious that social media marketing with media is the place to put your marketing dollars and crypto coins.

But, to ensure that your videos are seen and spread quality brand awareness, you’ll need to be making the right videos for the right audiences on the right platforms.

Where are the eyes you want?

Not where you may think!

Eye’m lookin’!

Folks want video. They demand video. In a recent study, video content is king with short-form video (54%) and live videos/streaming (47%). AND video content has the highest engagement levels and ROI on both Facebook and Instagram. The printed word and static graphic images lost ground to video by far.


Learn about “Snackable Content”

Most consumers do hare time or desire to recline and watch videos. They want to see something quick and clever on a break. So make room for the “snackable” or super short-form video content.

“Using snackable videos on social can actually drive more engagement than static images,” says Meisha Bochicchio, Content Marketing Manager at Wistia. “A recent study found that 60% of marketers saw more clicks with video posts compared with static images.”

Do your thing!

When it comes to creating effective snackable content, Bochicchio says, “First things first, keep in mind that most social media platforms will automatically start playing video content as viewers scroll. So, make sure your videos are autoplay-friendly.

An example here: video from Wistia. Short, sweet, & effective.

Keep in mind, while snackable content is a great tactic to harness in 2022, you can still publish longer videos, as long as they’re engaging and valuable to your audience.

Meet your video audiences where they are.

As with any social media strategy, some content will perform better on some social media platforms rather than others. While snackable, consumer-facing content might perform well with YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok’s large consumer audiences, a B2B marketing video or a Q&A with a corporate thought leader might perform better on a professional-facing network like LinkedIn.

Don’t always lean on repurposed content.

Original content is the best way to go. Consider having a slightly different video strategy for your most important video platforms. While there will be times where you can easily repurpose content to save time or bandwidth, some platforms like TikTok and Instagram are evolving with algorithms that could deprioritize your content if it has a watermark from another network.

5. Embrace influencers — and customers.

Even if you’ve done all of your research and churn out videos daily, it can still be incredibly hard to post a viral piece of content that grows your audience.

Luckily, there are experts on every social media platform who know how to create videos. And, some of them will even create videos for you — and then share them with their audiences.

Know this guy?

That’s why one great growth strategy can involve reaching out to influencers or thought leaders with expertise in your industry and either featuring them in your videos or getting them to endorse your brand in their content.

If you can’t afford to have an influencer help boost your video strategy, you can also look towards happy consumers. With this strategy, you can encourage customers to share a video about their experience with your brand on social media, or you can create a video filled with multiple pieces of user-generated content from happy customers.

Because today’s consumers crave authenticity from brands, user-generated content not only can provide you with free video content but can also spread brand awareness to prospects or people researching you on social media.

Navigating Social Media Content

It is not cheap. It is not easy. But to get name/brand recognition short videos can be well worth your time and money investment.

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