Email Ain’t Dead!

At this point in time, I firmly believe that a well planned email campaign is the sweet sauce in marketing. The secret is to plan the email carefully and strategically. Here are basic rules: Carefully create the content to include a real benefit for the reader to respond to you (Cost savings, new arrivals. etc.) Make sure the recipient’s name is in the salutation (Dear […] Read More

Facebook Still Rules!

Thanks to Rosie Flores at BroadBandSearch for this analysis of Facebook’s current status in the social media platforms. Excerpted from: https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/social-media-facts-statistics#post-navigation-11 Read More

Facebook ads FAQ

Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook? Yes. When it comes to Facebook advertising, cost per click is generally lower. If you set up good campaigns, you can get higher click-through rates that lead to sales. As a result, Facebook ads are a more profitable way to market your business compared to other advertising channels. How does Facebook advertising work? Choose your objective Select […] Read More

Selling on IG

Thanks to my friends at Hubspot for this excellent tutorial! https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/instagram-shopping Instagram Shopping allows customers to make purchases directly through the Instagram app. Upload photos and tag products with the product name, price, and link to buy. It’s something 130 million users each month are interested in, and marketers should take note. If your target audience includes anyone under 35, there’s a strong chance that they […] Read More

2022 Social Media Marketing Platforms, Ranked

Where to find your audience aka biggest buck bang As I tell my clients, follow the stats. As of the onset of 2022, FB still leads the pack. Here’s is the scoop, based on real data: 1. Facebook Facebook is used the most, has the highest ROI and engagement of any social platform, as well as the highest quality leads. One in four social media marketers […] Read More

Work From Home!

25 profitable home business ideas you can start today This really is a new era for home-based businesses. Shopify has put together some of the most approachable paths to creating a profitable business for yourself: Buy products in bulk and sell them online Sell homemade products Start a dropshipping store Start a print-on-demand business Offer online services Teach online classes Productize your service or expertise […] Read More

Hot or Not?

Social Media meet 2022! If you think you know a lot about how to market via Social Media in 2022, well, think again. The trends that were so trendy entering 2021 are now history. Here is what we must look at now. As suspected, TikTok is now the leading player in social media due to its video, fast messaging and witty presentations. Data shows that […] Read More

Please Niche!

You CANNOT Sell Everything to Everybody As an e-store designer, working with the emerging class of budding entrepreneurs, I specialize in helping these new estore owners succeed. However, one of the most common errors I see in this new crop of shop owners is in their range of goods for sale. Often they have a mix of products suitable for a variety store as opposed […] Read More

10 Most Profitable Startups in 2021 to Make Money

This article posted on Aero Leads gives an excellent overview on businesses to consider. https://aeroleads.com/blog/most-profitable-startups/ With the advancements in technology, making money has become much more accessible than ever before. You can find new and advanced methods of earning money online and generate handsome profits through them. There are so many business ideas. It becomes difficult for an individual to decide which to choose and which to […] Read More

Difference Between TikTok and YouTube

Hard to keep up with what’s hot and not, these days. Here is an excellent and succinct comparison of two social media giants, compiled by DifferenceBetween.net. Could not have said it better myself! http://www.differencebetween.net/technology/difference-between-tiktok-and-youtube/ The battle of the video sharing services has always been a hot debated topic. And the most talked about digital battle among which is the fight between TikTok and YouTube – […] Read More

17 Businesses You Can Start From Home Today

17 ideas for owning your own business to help you get started. Read More

The Cost of Being the Boss: What Business Owners Spend in Their First Year

There are costs to making money! Read More
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