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Phillips MiniGuns Media Kit

This two-page Media Kit is custom-designed to make it easy for reporters, publishers and influencers to publish a story about this e-store and products.


Ron Phillips is an exceptional inventor, engineer and patent attorney who turned his hobby into a unique product.

Long interested in miniature car and gun collections, He designed a perfectly working mini-gun  that can be useful and decorative.

Because his target buyer is under the radar and not found easily, he has developed a media kit to interest publishers, associations and social media groups dedicated to collectors.

Concentrating on his unique product and his interesting personal story, this media kit invites others to write about him to their interested followers.

Design by:  Donna Powell

Available formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, Hyperlink, Print

Content & Images provided  by: Donna Powell

Additional services: industry research, email campaigns, detailed potential recipient lists

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