E-Mail Ain't Dead!


At this point in time, I firmly believe that a well planned email campaign is the sweet sauce in marketing. The secret is to plan the email carefully and strategically. Here are basic rules:

  • Carefully create the content to include a real benefit for the reader to respond to you (Cost savings, new arrivals. etc.)
  • Make sure the recipient's name is in the salutation (Dear John, etc.)
  • Keep the message short, to the point, no more than 2 paragraphs
  • Include a link directly to your offer (NOT to your home page)
  • Use an original and pertinent graphic
  • The subject line must be compelling (as in, you will miss out on something life-changing if you pass this up!)

My friends at internetadvisor.com have compiled the latest data on why you cannot overlook this still strong marketing tool.